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Mapping Solutions for your Industry


Successful retailers and manufacturers utilize Localization. This process depends on an in-depth analysis of consumer demographics, purchasing behaviors, and lifestyles. Utilize location analytics software to:

  • Run spatial analysis to understand where a store’s customers live.

  • Understand the buying preferences of customers to plan the optimal, localized product assortment for each store.

  • Combine Point of Sale data with consumer attributes to uncover hidden opportunities in the market demand.

Commercial Real Estate

​Analyze patterns and trends in the real estate market to make the most effective decisions. Understand your site locations from a lens you've never seen before to be the expert your clients need. Track growth patterns over time to foresee the next best opportunity.

  • Site Selection/Strategic Planning - Assess market demand, traffic, safety, etc.

  • Portfolio Analysis - Interpret consumer spending & demographics.

  • Marketing & Sales - Target optimal tenants, clients, and partners.​​

  • Property Management - Understand the diverse sites you manage with precision.

Manufacturing & Distribution

It is crucial for ​firms with various touch points to analyze data in a geographic context. Interpretation of complex data across locations becomes manageable with mapping visualizations and clear insights.

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